Male Hormonal Acne and How it Can Be Treated

Male Hormonal Acne and How it Can Be Treated

When people think of acne, they think of teenagers with inflamed pustules (red breakouts)  on their faces.

Nobody thinks of acne when it comes to adults. It is quite embarrassing as an adult to have acne all over your face especially if you’re a professional and have to meet people every day.

Most people think that men care less about their look but it’s wrong; as clear skin is very important for everyone as it truly reflects a person’s overall health.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and if it has severe acne of the face or back then it is signaling an underlying problem that must be treated immediately or else it may worsen!

What causes male hormonal acne?

Hormonal acne is caused by male hormones called androgens. When there is a hormonal imbalance in the body it may also cause the high androgens testosterone level in once blood (we call it FREE testosterone), and the excess of this free androgens can over-stimulate the sebaceous glands resulting in excess production of sebum (the oil secreted out of the skin). Sebum then clogs the pores and eventually lets bacteria populate the follicles rusting in inflammation and acne.

This explains why many male teens experience breakouts. In some individuals, once level of the hormones in a blood goes down, and the balance is restored and acne goes away. Unfortunately, for many people it doesn’t and the situation actually becomes worse with time! Men in their 20s and 30s and even 40s these days are complaining of hormonal acne. They are frustrated with red and painful bumps on their faces and backs which don’t seem to go away no matter what they try.

Why chemical based drugs are not good

If you have hormonal acne, then chances are you must have been to a dermatologist. The dermatologist must have prescribed you some topical treatments along with pills with an ingredient called isotretinoin. This drug, although quite effective for many, has some severe side effects and is presently a subject of Class Action Suit for the danger and suffering that caused some people.  In addition – for many that used it – when they stopped it- acne symptoms returned.

Other Treatments

Treatments such as pimple popping or extraction can be seriously harmful for the skin and can cause scarring. Laser on the other hand only clears out acne temporarily.

What is the solution?

It’s all about going back to basics and using all-natural and herbal ingredients to fight male hormonal acne. Since this is an internal problem so all the treatments that you try such as creams, gels, laser etc are only going to target acne temporarily on the surface level. What you need is a potent and effective solution such as AcnEase. These pills are made with powerful natural ingredients that combat male hormonal acne at its root and eliminate it permanently.

 How AcnEase  helped this professional wrestler to get rid of acne

Wrestlers are known for their oozing masculinity and high testosterone levels.  That’s great and everything but high male hormones come at a price: severe adult acne. Danny Gimondo  suffered from severe acne not only on his face but on his back as well. As you know wrestlers have to maintain a certain image on the screen and it became quite a problem for Danny whenever he went into the ring with his acne.

He got a lot of victories in the ring but when it came to his painful acne, he wasn’t able to win; or so he thought. Then came along AcnEase and changed the game for him. He now enjoys a clear and healthy skin that he never dreamed he could have before.

Why AcnEase?

The market is full of anti-acne solutions  such as creams, gels , pills and other treatments but only  few of them work well. AcnEase is a purely botanical solution in the form of pills that contains no chemicals, artificial or synthetic ingredients that can be harmful for the skin or for your body. It is completely safe and can be taken while pregnant. It is vegan/vegetarian and suits people with all kinds of dietary limitations/concerns.

Furthermore, the hundreds of reviews about AcnEase is a testament to its credibility and effectiveness as a complete acne solution.

Head over to AcnEase and find out what products you need to take according to our smart system that will customize your program for you.

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