Acne and pimples. Something that is feared and loathed. Many treatments help lessen the impact of acne over time, and help the skin renew itself for acne-free skin. The acne and pimples of yesterday, may leave reminders of the pimply past today. The war on acne may be over, but the scar may be left after battle. So what does one do to combat a future without possible acne scarring?

It’s Not Just from Picking the Pimples

Acne scarring is not just from picking the pimples. Many acne lesions can produce scarring without anyone picking at them. The cystic pimples are inflammatory, which involves more white blood cells rushing to the area. There are more enzymes in that area, which leads to more destruction. The skin then tries to heal itself, which may result in a scar. An acne scar is when the healing process goes one step further and the skin is not able to form collagen the normal way. The acne scar is an indent. Minor acne and pimples can also leave some scars, as it depends on the body’s inflammatory response, and how deep the pimple is. Often squeezing and picking it can lead to scarring, but not the sole reason.

Combating Acne Scarring

The first port of call is to combat the acne and breakouts with a treatment that can help the acne-prone skin from the inside out. Reducing inflammation. Healing even the severe cases of acne and breakouts. Many other products on the market do offer on-the-spot treatments, such as benzoyl peroxide. These products can cause the skin to dry out, even leading to further problems down the track. It is good to get the problem skin sorted in a more holistic way.

AcnEase is based on herbs to reduce inflammation and helping the skin to heal itself. The formation of acne scars is when the inflammation is present, the pimple or lesion heals, but the skin’s collagen isn’t formed the normal way. The skin-loving herbs in AcnEase are a great start to healthy clear skin, with less formation of acne scarring with herbs that heal, banish and restore skin balance.

With those with already present with acne scarring, the acne scars’ choice is Rejuvel 3D. This skin care product is five stars, with healing power of plants and the perfect product to increase the skin’s natural collagen production. When the skin is not in an inflammatory response, healing is easier and faster, especially for the skin. This product may be able to reduce or eliminate acne scarring. It can double as a daily moisturiser and skin protectant.

Another key tip for combatting acne scarring is using a skin cleanser or toner that has Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid is naturally from the herb willow bark. It is a natural skin exfoliant, sloughing off dead skin cells that could block the pores, and it is an anti-inflammatory that dissolves skin debris, perfect for whiteheads and large pustules.

Other nature-based remedies for a reduction of acne scars, conjunction with the botanical treatments, include Aloe Vera Gel, Lemon Juice, Baking Soda and Organic Coconut Oil.

The War on Acne Scarring is Over?

As dealing with the onset of Acne and pimples can be a wild ride of knowing what works, and what doesn’t in the search for a cure. Acne doesn’t have to be the curse when one reaches the teen years, or even later adulthood. Even when stressed or anxious, breakouts may occur, but doesn’t have to stop one from enjoying life. From Curse to Cure, AcnEase has the solution to the acne timeline. It can help with combatting acne scarring too.

To resonate with confidence in knowing that the holistic AcnEase treatments in conjunction with a skin care regime, including the Rejuvel 3D, are able to allow one to enjoy life acne free, and scar free. 

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