“Reverse Contouring”: The best method for a natural look

“Reverse Contouring”: The best method for a natural look

Contouring is a technique that has long been hailed as the makeup technique to use if you want a more defined chiseled look. So why opt for reverse contouring and what is the difference between the two? More and more people are beginning to realize they can achieve a chiseled look while maintaining the natural feel with reverse contouring. With both reverse and regular contouring techniques, at least two shades of foundation are required.

One that is about 2-3 shades lighter than your true skin color and another is 2-3 shades darker.

In the usual contouring method, the darker foundation is applied to close to the hairline, jawline and below the cheekbone forming something that is close to a number three shape. The darker foundation is also applied to the sides of the nose to give it a slimmer look. After this, the lighter foundation is applied everywhere else (center of the nose, cheekbones, chin, forehead, and the dead between the 3 shaped). While the finished product may look great, most of the time it is quite obvious that the look produced is as a result of makeup because the features tend to be a little too chiseled out to be natural. However, with reverse contouring you apply the lighter foundation under the cheekbones, going all the way down but stopping before you hit the jawline. Then a little bit of the lighter foundation is also applied to the eyelids. The darker foundation is applied everywhere else, from your cheekbones to your nose and forehead. You are also allowed to use a little bit of the lighter foundation on the center line of your nose if you wish to create a highlighted look.

Why reverse contouring looks more natural

Reverse contouring tends to look more natural because the darker foundation carries without a break to the nose and it covers more of the skin (this is especially important for people dealing with chronic acne issues). It is easier and more natural looking to cover red spots and acne with a foundation darker than your skin tone than with a lighter foundation. As the darker foundation covers more of the usual problem areas and the forehead, the need for a concealer lessens and the coverage blends in more naturally. For those confused about the exact shade of foundation they should get, there is no need to worry as the Eve Pearl provides a dual foundation & foundation brush kit . The products are created specially to complement the AcnEase acne Treatment for those with severe, moderate and mild acne and even those  suffering from chronic acne or acne prone skin.  

The Foundation  is paraben free, fragrance free, petrolatum free and made with sensitive skin types in mind .It provides for  an excellent and complete Acne Management System ( link to acnease page or how to chose the right regimen page) The texture of the dual foundation is light, non-greasy yet creamy. This reduces the chances of clogging in your pores which can lead to acne especially in those with acne prone skin types.  When purchasing a dual kit, you do not try to match your color with the foundation rather find one with a set both lighter and darker than you. A non-latex sponge for blending is also included in the kit. 

Though the reverse contouring is amazing for those with more red spots, acne and acne scars to cover, it is always necessary to deal with the underlining cause of acne not just cover the symptoms alone. AcnEase was formulated by a team of doctors to go after the internal factors responsible for your acne breakouts and treat the condition from within eventually PREVENTING new acne from forming. AcnEase formulation is based on pure botanical ingredients  and have been shown in clinical trials to be effective in 96%  of acne sufferers  Visit us today to learn more information on natural ways to treat and protect your skin from acne breakouts.

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