8 Skincare Tips to keep you Looking Fresh While Traveling

8 Skincare Tips to keep you Looking Fresh While Traveling

Traveling can be an absolute whirlwind adventure of new places, new people, new experiences and, whether we like it or not, new acne breakouts on our skin. Hopefully, the last one won’t happen to you. Take it from me, an avid digital nomad who is always on the go – these 8 tips are my secret go-to’s for keeping my skin healthy while I’m exploring all kinds of climates, smoggy cities or unknown places around the globe. They’re simple fixes that don’t require a whole suitcase full of cosmetics or even a 5 step skin-care routine. Follow these suggestions and your skin will hopefully stay glowing throughout all your travels to come.

1. Stick to a routine.

While every day of traveling can be so different from the last, it’s important to stick to as much of a skincare routine as you can. Wash your face with the same products you use at home. If you use too many products at home, simplify the process and just bring the necessities (you really don’t need more than a cleanser and a moisturizer).  I’m a big fan of acnese, which uses all natural ingredients and works for the toughest acne/rosacea. If you don’t have pesky skin, you may get away with just a simple soap and water solution. But whatever the case, remember to stick to a routine. Wash in the morning and at night, no matter what.

2. Don’t let your towel get damp.

This one is so important. With all the constant moving around, if you’re staying in a hostel or camping/CouchSurfing and need to bring your own towel, sometimes you’ll need to throw it back in your backpack before it’s fully dry. Avoid this at all costs. Instead, you can bring a quick dry towel (they sell lots of these on the internet), which is really thin, easy to pack, and doesn’t hold water for long so you no longer have to worry about using something that doesn’t fully dry on a rainy day. Imagine using that nasty damp towel to pat your face dry after washing it? That’s gross – and a key contribution to acne on the road.

3. Make sure you use a lot of sun screen.

Yes, even on the overcast days. The general rule of thumb is that anything above SPF 50 does not protect your skin “more,” but it needs to be reapplied less. If you’ll be swimming on your adventure, especially in our oceans, try your hardest to shop around for reef-safe sunscreens. The regular brands like Coppertone or Banana Boat contain harmful chemicals in them that leave a disgusting residue in the water and are a gigantic contributor to coral bleaching. Don’t believe me? Just google pictures of the Great Barrier Reef in 1985 and today. It’s a whole different place with all the color sucked from its veins.

4. Don’t forget to bring aloe if you get sunburnt.

Sunscreen is great for prevention. But sometimes, you still get burnt to a crisp. You don’t want your skin to peel after a few days. It looks gross and often can hurt or cause a lot of discomfort. Bring along some aloe vera gel or lotion to help soothe the burn and repair your skin.

5. Bring a moisturizer with you in your carry on.

 If you like to use foundation or other heavy skin covering makeup, I’d encourage you to leave it at home and instead purchase a BB cream which is tinted moisturizer with SPF protection. If you don’t use foundation, you’re already 2 steps ahead of everyone else. Regardless of the moisturizer you choose, make sure you have it with you on the plane (or car or train). When you travel on a long-haul journey (like overnight busses or flights across the Pacific Ocean for instance), your skin will dry out and you will be dehydrated. Using moisturizer will help keep your skin fresh and glowing.

6. Don’t use the hotel soaps.

I know it’s tempting. Who doesn’t like free things? But the truth is, they’ll often irritate your skin and are a generic solution that’s not catered to your oily/dry/combination skin. Bring the stuff you know and love from home – the things that you are confident work for your specific skin.

7. It’s not just about skin care products for your face.

Don’t forget to bring body lotion for after the shower. This is especially important if

you’ll be going to a cold climate. Your body may not be used to the weather and you’ll find your skin looking ashier than usual if you don’t nourish it with moisturizing ingredients.

8. Protect your face (and your lungs) from smog.

Get one of those cheap face masks, even if you think it makes you look dumb. Who cares about what you look like? You’re saving your lungs and preventing a breakout at the same time. If you’re in a smoggy city like Beijing or sometimes even Bangkok, you’re likely to find them in 7-11 stores. They’re also really helpful for motorbike journeys. So if you’re renting a scooter in Vietnam or riding on the back of a friend’s in Indonesia, make sure you bring a mask to protect your skin from dust, dirt and debris.

There you have it – 8 quick tips to help keep your skin looking fresh, young and healthy while you go out and explore the world.

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