Summer Food and Adult Acne

Summer Food and Adult Acne

Adult acne breakouts can be quite annoying during the summer. While you enjoy outdoors, barbecues and picnics you might not even notice but your favourite foods could be the reason to exasperate those pimples as some foods can do more harm than good to your body.

Acne is caused by secretion of too much oil (sebum) in the body. It can also be exasperated (amplified) by genetics, irregular menstrual cycle, stress, hot and humid weather and even by oil-based makeup. Acne can also lead to scars on the face if not taken care of properly. To avoid those unwanted pimples and potential marks and scars  use the summer foods wisely to help not to harm

Summer Food Helpers:

Marry Berries!!

  • All types of berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, even gooseberries etc) are anti-acne, antioxidant foods that will help to keep your body and skin healthy.

Green Leaves

  • All type of leafy salads (go light on dressings) severe both body and soul, and for sure your skin.
  • EXCEPTION: Spinach is NOT good for acne prone skin as it contains iodine that may exacerbate the internal imbalance.

Fish and Grill

  • Use your barbecue time to grill and eat more fish. Use fresh dill, parsley, rosemary, garlic and thyme to enhance the flavor.

Summer Food Enemies

Here's a list of foods that you should limit or avoid when you have adult acne.

Breads, cakes and any type of carbs.

  • They turn into sugar – and sugar is the super enemy of the skin causing aging and facilitating breakouts.

Fried food

  • Grill but not fry. Fried food is very bad for your girth and your skin. No exceptions really what do you fry…


  • Alcohol can not only trigger inflammation but can also cause an imbalance in testosterone or estrogen levels in the body. Excessive intake of alcohol can put you at risk of zinc deficiency and zinc is considered as a fighter against acne. Alcohol is anyhow is not good for the body which serves as another reason to avoid it.
  • Apart from possibly exasperating acne, caffeine has the tendency to spread it all over the skin as well. If you wish to have a clearer skin, then you must limit or avoid drinking coffee or anything else that contains caffeine in it.
Spicy food
  • Excess of spicy food can harm the digestive system to a great extent by and cause inflammation. While more and more theories tie up health of your digestive system and health of your skin it seems very likely that food high on spicy additives can result in acne breakouts on the skin.

And - use a proper acne treatment

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