Being a teenager does come with its fair share of pros and cons. The first love. The first kiss. The first dates. Then when you add the world of fashion, beauty, reality TV, and social media, the teen world can get pretty confusing. Then when acne and pimples appear, it can get disappointing. Teen Acne is something that is very common, especially with the changing hormones and stresses that can plague them.  This is the time where image may be everything, and looking their best is crucial. But does it have to be this way? No, as AcnEase can help teens through the progression of teen acne to the maintenance of post acne. It’s back to the basics of skin care and health from the inside.

Treating Teen Acne Early

Teen acne, when first appears, is something that can be disheartening, especially when youth and teen magazines sprout the image of flawless skin. Many parents may decide to try and manage their teen’s acne with an interim option of using an anti-acne cleanser and moisturiser. But often, these products can be quite harsh for the skin, and often make the ailment worse. The skin care treatments on the market may focus only on the symptoms, but don’t prevent new acne breakouts from forming. AcnEase is helpful in early treatment because it helps the underlying causes of acne and skin breakouts, not just the symptoms. As the common acne causes are sebum production, hormones, and bacteria, the primary use of AcnEase is to restore balance in skin health.  Acne can be a vicious cycle, where stress and anxiety from acquiring the condition can create more breakouts and acne. The botanical treatments of AcnEase can reduce the concern and establish a healthier skin over time. So treating the teen acne early can help combat future acne concerns.

Maintaining Skin Health

The first step in treating acne is to know what can aggravate it. Apart from the normal causes, many cases of acne and breakouts can be attributed to external factors such as industrial chemicals (petroleum, animal and refined vegetable oils), greasy cosmetics, excessive perspiration and emotional stress. Also the picking and popping of the pimples can increase inflammation, so more pimples may develop, and potential for scarring. So the essential part of maintaining skin health is good hygiene. Secondary are the botanical treatments of AcnEase. The 100% plant-based products that help the skin from the inside. Healthy body, healthy skin.

For skin that has improved since starting the AcnEase treatments, the maintenance dose is great as a protection measure, just to help the skin further. To improve the skin texture, the Rejuvel 3D is beneficial. It stimulates collagen production and speeds up regeneration of skin cells, which decreases acne scars and marks. It is very nourishing and hydrates the skin, without clogging the pores. With each use, the skin is moisturized, rejuvenated, smooth and imperfections less visible. Therefore, less stress and anxiety over the skin, as it is smooth and radiant.

The End... of Bad Skin

With summer ending, and a new school year beginning, bad skin can get the boot, and great skin can be achieved with less time. AcnEase can help with teens, for mild, moderate and severe cases. AcnEase has helped many teens find great skin. Make this school year a healthy one.

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