Acne and Traveling: Does Traveling Makes Your Acne Worse?

Acne and Traveling: Does Traveling Makes Your Acne Worse?

Life is so uncertain when you have an acne prone skin. Like, did you ever board a plane with a clear skin, and landed with a brand-new zit?

Well, yes, you are not alone! Travel acne is common and can happen to everyone, even to the diligent skincare enthusiasts.

But the good news is that you can protect this from happening and flaunt a flawless skin when you really need those top notch selfies.

But before we delve deeper and have a look at various ways to avoid travel breakouts, let’s first understand the science behind their occurrence.

What Causes Travel Breakouts?

There are various reasons which might result in travel-induced pimples, especially when you do not need them really!

  • Stress before the trip - Needless to say, you need to deal with a bit of stress before every trip. You need to pack the things, make your home secure, arrange the tickets, book the hotels and so on. Cortisol is secreted in your body every time you stress yourself, which leads to the formation of acne!
  • Change in your normal schedule - This is obvious. Whenever you travel, your schedule goes for a toss. There is a massive difference in your sleeping and waking times. Additionally, you are not applying your beauty care products at the right time. All these things combine and promote acne.
  • Change in climate - The sudden change of climate whether it be from hot to cold, or vice versa, is surely going to take a toll on your skin. For some, it might be in the form of dryness, while for others it is in the form of pimples.
  • Change in food habits - When you are out, you are no more able to stick to low calories and unprocessed food. Instead, you start savouring delicious and beautiful dishes of the place you are visiting. All this imbalance leads to acne.

How to Avoid Travel Breakouts

The best way to flaunt that flawless skin throughout your vacation is by preparing a skin care plan beforehand. Here is what you can do:

  • Make a list of the products you will travel with - Do not let your beauty schedule go for a toss while you travel. Stick to your old tried and tested products, and do not make an attempt to have new entrants in your beauty list. In an event when you really want to try a new product, make sure that you start using it 2 weeks in advance, just so you know if it is worth it or not!
  • Keep the new climate in mind - Consider the place you are traveling to. If you are moving to a humid climate, sticking to a product meant for dryer climates would be a blunder. Thus, keep your destination in mind while choosing the right set of products.
  • Drink enough amount of water - This is one trick we all can stick to! If you have a well-hydrated skin, it would react less to the travel stress and this is what would keep you glowing. Thus, no matter what, drink at least 2 liters of water every day and continue the habit while you are on your trip.
  • Reapply your moisturizer - Especially when you are on a plane, your skin can become dry. Thus, it is always a best practice to carry a light moisturizer in your bag. Avoid hyaluronic acid as it will make your skin even drier.
  • Wear SPF, and may reapply it - Yes, even when you are on a plane, it is essential to wear SPF as you are closer to the sun and the environment above is reflecting UV rays which could damage your skin. Similarly, no matter if you are hitting a beach or mountains, wear SPF daily.
  • Sleep a lot - This is perhaps one of the easiest things to do! Sleep a lot as this will repair your skin naturally!
  • Rely on the goodness of AcnEase - While it is good to follow all the above-mentioned remedies, to further lessen the severity of acne breakouts, you can always stick to AcnEase which is an all-natural acne treatment and helps you in fighting acne naturally!

Final Words

These were some of the best ways through which you can keep the travel acne at bay. For more visible results, it is highly recommended to use AcnEase and Rejuvel. To know more, visit our products page.

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