How to Not Exacerbate Acne When Going to the Beach?

How to Not Exacerbate Acne When Going to the Beach?

Let’s face the fact that the ocean is a huge reflector of sunlight, and you are at an increased risk of sun damage, acne and sunburns at the beach than anywhere else! And, if you are an acne-sufferer, you know this better than us.

But, do not let this stop you from having all the fun. However, to make sure that your acne does not get any worse, here are a few go-to tips you can rely on and play safe while on the beach:

Stop exfoliating

Yes, do not exfoliate your skin at least 7 days prior to hitting the beach. This is because exfoliating your skin not only makes it sensitive but can also make it prone to developing more acne. Further, exfoliation is a strict no if you already have a handful of acne on your skin, as this is only going to exacerbate the condition all the more.

A hat and sunglasses to the rescue

If you get acne from the sun, and even otherwise, it is highly recommended to wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your face from direct sunlight, and premature aging.

Go for a swim

You might not have expected this coming, but, yes, sea water can actually help you in dealing with acne. This is because sodium chloride found in abundance in the ocean’s salty water acts as an effective natural cleansing agent and can help in clearing up mild acne.

This is particularly also because salt is a wonderful drying agent that it deprives the bacteria cells of moisture and kills them off effectively.

Rinse off the water

However, once you are done swimming, do not play around without rinsing the water off. This is because the salty water which helped you in clearing off your acne can also dehydrate your skin and make it look worse. Thus, before you head to your home or a resort, wash off the salt water thoroughly.

Reapply sunscreen

It goes without saying that when you are on a beach and do not want to make your acne worse, you should apply a non-comedogenic sunscreen generously.

Further, just one time application won’t do any good. It is necessary that you reapply the sunscreen every hour or so.

Also, do not forget to cover the generally forgotten areas like ears, eyelids, hairline, and others.

Stay away from the makeup

Since you would need to reapply the sunscreen every few hours, it is highly recommended to skip the makeup. This way, you won’t even clog your pores and make the skin acne worse, but would also be able to relax and enjoy properly without having to touch-up your makeup after reapplication of sunscreen.

Wear protective clothing

No one wants to cover up their body while at the beach, after all, what’s the use of sexy lingerie then? But, if you are acne-prone on your body, it is essential to wear protective clothing that covers most of your body as showing more skin would mean more breakouts.

Take a shower

Once you are done with all the beach fun and all, it is highly recommended to take showers. However, do not stay in the shower for too long as this could dry your skin excessively. Also, avoid using harsh soaps which could irritate your kin further.

In case of new breakouts, make use of cold compresses to heal your skin.

Over to You

These were a few practices which would definitely help you in keeping your acne under control while you are on the beach. However, even after adopting all the safety precautions, your acne seems to have gotten worse, do not forget using AcnEase and Rejuvel which are especially formulated products for acne and prevent new breakouts from happening!

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