Why Taking Care of Your Skin With Nowhere to Go?

Why Taking Care of Your Skin With Nowhere to Go?

Staying at home or having limited direct social interactions during and post pandemic time has caused many people to change their skin-care routines and forget about proper care 


It is not easy to keep caring about our skin if we feel no one will see us, if our routine is broken, when we feel lonely, depressed, un-productive, anxious about our future and striped from power to control our lives. In recent weeks, there is NO ONE who did NOT experienced at least one of those feelings at least once.

But while a full make-up at 7:00 am may not be most important on your agenda today keeping up your normal skin routine and even enhancing it by few important and relevant changes is very important 

WHY? Because: 

1. We are actually seen - on social media, by our families, partners and roommates… even neighbors ( from 6 feet away you can still see zits pretty clearly), most importantly we are seen by - ourselves . All of those – including you – deserve to see the best of you, your normal you. YOU need it to stay motivated. 

2. Dramatic skincare routine change and additional stress may, and most likely will exasperate your acne problem. More acne, especially non treated acne means more acne scars and marks ad those will stay far beyond the social distance time. So TREATMENT and PREVENTION remains the key 

3. Some conditions imposed by coronavirus lifestyle can also hurt our skin in a more direct manner. If we do not get enough fresh air, if we stay in dry, indoor space – our skin will dry and age faster, if not exfoliated dry skin-flakes will clog the pores and initiate acne cascade 

4. Finally – there is life after coronavirus. The life you crave and wait for, the life that may be more competitive (jobs) and more challenging (anxiety, fears, new challenges . The last thing you need that is to start yet another fight with your breakouts and comedones. USE ACNEASE regularly to PREVENT and TREAT Breakouts. It is natural, it is safe, it is effective and protective. Finally -it comes in a specially design bottle made of a special material that protects YOU as it insulates the pills from any contamination 

So help you to feel better, to make other feel better and to be ready to face your life again- FIGHT FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL SKIN AGAIN 

How to Boost Your Skin Health at Home

Fortunately, there are ways to keep the skin on your face and body from turning into zit domain or desert landscape. 

1. Keep your cleaning routine . Exfoliate once a week. If you run out of your regular products use natural one. Mix a hip teaspoon of sugar or coconut sugar with few drops of lemon juice and a tablespoon of olive oil. Use as an exfoliator in soft round motions. Rinse well; pat dry. Enjoy once a week 

2. Use natural cleansing mask such as papaya pulp (delicately massage 2 tablespoons of fresh papaya pulp into your skin for 30 seconds; live on for 10 min, rinse well, pat dry) Enjoy every other week. 

3. Use moisturizing creams (keep away from heavy and oily once) to keep skin plump. Look for non-comedogenic moisturizers with ceramides—which are already part of your skin’s layers but can reduce with aging and dryness. Ceramides are often paired with other hydrating ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal and shea butter, which help to “lock in” moisture without too much oil residues. 

4. Once a week treat yourself to home spa. After the shower put a double layer of lotion or cream on still moist skin and leave until absorbed or at least for 15-20 min. Delicately wipe out the surplice. 

5. If you walk, run or exercise outside do NOT touch your face until you come back home and wash your hands very well. Wear the mask if you expect to meet someone on your path 

If you wear the mask regularly- remember as it is an important part of our new normal it also creates additional challenge to your skin. The purpose of the mask is not to protect you, but to protect other people from you. Masks must be kept clean (reusable masks if not properly clean may cause infection and breakouts). More on skincare and mask in a next newsletter….

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