How to Control Rosacea This Summer: The do's and don'ts

How to Control Rosacea This Summer: The do's and don'ts

Over 17 million Americans are believed to suffer from Rosacea. It also affects 25 times more men than women, and usually occurs in individuals over 30 with a light complexion.


The symptoms of Rosacea may vary from heat and alcohol sensitivity to facial redness, pimples, teary and itchy eyes and even GI reflux. The medical world is not sure what really causes this chronic inflammatory skin condition, and there is no treatment for it. However, there are some important and efficient ways to control the symptoms, especially during the spring and summer, including our natural balancing botanical therapeutic® 
product that can help to control all of the symptoms of Rosacea without any adverse side effects.



  1. Spicy Food.  While enjoying those barbecues or house parties, veer away from the hot and spicy foods, especially hot peppers and Mexican style foods. Use herbs like oregano, or thyme, peaches or other fruits to make a fruit salsa.      
  2. Hot Drinks. Stay away from hot drinks, especially those with "stimulators" such as coffee or tea.
  3. Hydration.  Try to keep hydrated. Drinking alcohol is one of the biggest culprits in dehydrating you body. Drink plenty of water, and add some mint and lemon or lime to it.
  4. Exercise.  Avoid strenuous exercise. Yes, unfortunately playing beach volleyball may not be kind to your skin. Try a less intense approach such as a moderate jog or walk in the park.
  5. Hot Water.  Hot showers, bathes and even steam rooms will only aggrevate your symptoms. Luke warm water will have a much better effect on your skin.
  6. Cleansers. Use mild cleansers. Using products with harsh chemicals like salicylic acid or alcohol will not react kindly to your skin. Choose products that are non-comedogenic.
  7. Extreme Temperatures. If you want to cool down on those hot summer days, it is fine to take a dip in a cool pool, but try to avoid rapid temperature changes - going from hot to cold water, or even extreme cold showers are not for you!


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