Acnease One Me-Mask

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Protect yourself before you can protect others.

With a deep sense of social and environmental responsibility, we are launching an antimicrobial, anti-viral, water repellent fabric (Prevents Aerosol Viral Transmission), reusable fabric face mask. The mask will provide protection for yourself and those around you by preventing COVID-19 transmission.

Compared with traditional masks, these masks may also provide an improved level of protection to frontline workers compared with standard disposable masks.

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Me-Masks are differentiated from any other standard masks on the market by their international tested* ability to protect the user as much as others.

99.98% Reduction 1, Water Repellant 2, & 30 Washes Reusable3

* Tested for anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and water-repellent properties at Intertek (UK) and NEQC (Japan)

1 Testing (AATCC100 standard – Antimicrobial fabric performance) = % of reduction greater than 99.98 %

2 Quality Evaluation Center (Japan standard, JIS L 1092 – testing of textile’s water repellence)

3 Quality Evaluation Center (Japan standard, JIS L 1902:2015) – determined antimicrobial activity and efficacy following up to 30 normal wash = % of antibacterial activity and efficacy remaining after 30 washes compared with the original activity.

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