How to Choose Breaking the Vicious Acne Cycle over Zapping the Zit

How to Choose Breaking the Vicious Acne Cycle over Zapping the Zit

The Integrated Approach to Treating Acne

Nothing can be more frustrating and exasperating than a chronic problem. It wears us down, and affects our self-perception and special life moments.

Acne is one of such problems that if not addressed properly when it starts, may become chronic, and the scars (emotionally and physically) can even last a lifetime. We don't just say that, but have worked with numerous acne-sufferers who later in life unfortunately will never be able to get rid of the damage to their face. At the same time, since acne directly affects your appearance and the way you see yourself, there is also a strong motivation to just improve the symptoms as fast as possible, forgetting about long term results.

So, can we do both? Zap the zit but also treat acne in a manner that will prevent new pimples from forming?

Yes!  It is called an integrated approach, and this is how we've helped over 750,000 become acne-free.

Acne is a manifestation of an internal imbalance that leads to the overproduction of sebum (skin oil) by the sebaceous glands. This extra sebum together with dirt creates an ideal condition for bacteria, which results in inflammation that presents itself as acne (pimples, cysts etc). The only treatment for acne is to reprogram your sebaceous glands to stop working overtime, which will result in actually PREVENTING new acne from coming. Topical products and antibiotics focus on symptoms of acne and address the inflammation rather than the real root cause of acne.

While you are treating acne, you don't need to walk around with your existing pimples unattended, especially since the cycle of pimple formation (cascading inflammation) takes anywhere from 10-14 days. Even when you're on the right acne treatment, there is no way to stop this process (so the zits will come out regardless of anything you do). The healing of the pimple may be sped up, and the seriousness of inflammation significantly tempered, but you still may experience breakouts, so patience is necessary.

The longer you've had acne and the more severe it is, the longer road to recovery. Whoever promises you clear skin for good in a few days will NOT deliver. It takes anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months to see solid results (improvement) in acne treated in a sensible and adequate way.

4 Major Components of an Integrated Battle Against Acne

Treat and Prevent. Think about this. Acne is an external manifestation of an internal disorder. And how do you stop it from occurring? PREVENTION. The key to getting rid of your acne is to prevent it from coming. AcnEase is a first of its kind systemic botanical acne treatment that actually focuses on prevention by helping your sebaceous glands return to a normal secretion of sebum.

Decrease Existing Inflammation.  Vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Pantothenic Acid in foods and supplements and anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory topical agents will help to address this issue.  

Camouflage is possible. Nature has a chameleon, and we have some "tricks of the trade" to hide those unexpected and expected pimples or zap them clean (or almost clean) while working long term on making them disappear for good. Looking good and feeling good is actually good for you. These emergency tips and acne make-up tips help you to win the battle against acne and to stay on course to do so.

Skin Health Helpers for Long Term Support. Integrating certain foods into your diet that include vitamins that support optimum skin health will only help your body with treatment and the continuation of helping to keep acne at bay long term.

Questions? Please contact us.  We're here to help!

With a promise of clear skin,
Dr. A

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