How do you know when your foundation is harmful to your skin?

Foundation, considered one of the most important steps in most women’s makeup routine can cause or exacerbate pre-existing skin conditions such as acne. Even people who are not prone to acne usually use some form of foundation. This is because it creates a smooth, flawless (or less flawed) appearance. It creates a smooth, solid unified canvass on which we create our masterpieces or for some just the lighter finishes to highlight their features. 

“Reverse Contouring”: The best method for a natural look

Contouring is a technique that has long been hailed as the makeup technique to use if you want a more defined chiseled look. So why opt for reverse contouring and what is the difference between the two? More and more people are beginning to realize they can achieve a chiseled look while maintaining the natural feel with reverse contouring. With both reverse and regular contouring techniques, at least two shades of foundation are required.

I want to stop taking the contraceptive pill, will AcnEase help to decrease new acne breakouts?
When you stop taking the contraceptive pill, you will create or increase a hormonal change and often at least temporary hormonal imbalance. This is due to taking away the oral contraceptive  (a foreign agent so to speak) from your body and leaving your body with a need to adjust to this change... Oral contraceptive is a hormonal medicine and affects your hormonal balance not only when you take it but also for a while after you stop.
I have rosacea. How can AcnEase help?

The factors responsible for rosacea are unknown; Some explain Rosacea as a result of an imbalance in the body that leads to excessive dilation of the blood vessels mainly on the face. AcnEase® is a product specialized in the fight against internal imbalance that leads to dermatological problems such as acne and Rosacea. In addition- Acnease helps to control other symptoms of Rosacea especially GI REFLUX and Ocular Rosacea ( gritty eyes).

How long does the AcnEase treatment takes?

Most individuals see results in the first 4 weeks. As detailed below, there are many factors that affect the duration of the AcnEase treatment. The majority of people with mild-to-moderate acne only need to take AcnEase for a couple of months to have a clear skin; and as described below after obtaining a clear skin, individuals may choose to take a maintenance dose of 4-6 tablets / day for a suitable period of time. The key is to wean off the tablets little by little once you have a clear skin.

How a RIGHT Pillowcase Can Help Diminish Your Acne?

Beauty sleep is real! No matter how busy you are, you need to catch those ZZZs irrespective of your schedule to keep your skin youthful and glowing!

But as it seems, your pillowcase could be responsible for acne, particularly when you are a sideways sleeper. This is because your face touches the pillowcase for the entire duration while you are sleeping.

Apparently, something which is in contact with your face would contribute a lot in deciding its condition, and pillow is no exception. This is perhaps why your pillow might be the real culprit behind acne.

How to Lower Your Risk of Having More Breakouts after the Summer

It’s common knowledge for any Summer enthusiast that during this particular season, the risks of a breakout are especially high. While attending sunny picnics, summer barbeques, and other seasonal activities, we expose ourselves to considerable amounts of UV light (sun). We tend to dehydrate ourselves, overexert ourselves, eat to many deserts  and drink to alcohol ; all causes of acne. That’s why, during the summer, many of us take extra care into controlling breakouts.

Once summer ends, however, our guard drops. We think that just because the season has ended, so have the chances of acne appearing. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The risk of having a breakout is still present after summer has passed.

How to get back to school WITHOUT acne!

So, schools are going to start again. This year make sure that you look your best and stay confident throughout the year. Do not let your acne-prone skin dull your shine!

With your head up and chin high, walk confidently without worrying about acne breakouts! Yes, you can do it. All it takes is the right skin care and you are done.

We will tell you how.

4 Drink Recipes That Are Actually Good For Acne

There could be nothing worse than having an acne-prone skin! Like you never know what could trigger the breakouts, or could make the condition even more badly.

However, the good news is that you can help your skin condition by indulging in healthy drink recipes. We have often reiterated the fact that fruits and veggies are your best friends if you want to get rid of acne.

You might not like to eat them plain, but here are a few mouth-watering recipes which would tempt you to try them once:

Can Barbeque and Meat Worsen Your Acne?

This is not the first time that a food is being blamed for breakouts and acne. We know how disheartening it is, especially when you are a foodie and a diehard fan of meat and barbeque.

Although any linkage between acne and diet has been denied by researchers time and again, however, it would not be wrong to conclude that barbeque and meat might not trigger acne, but can definitely make the situation worse if you are acne-prone.

How to Not Exacerbate Acne When Going to the Beach?

Let’s face the fact that the ocean is a huge reflector of sunlight, and you are at an increased risk of sun damage, acne and sunburns at the beach than anywhere else! And, if you are an acne-sufferer, you know this better than us.

But, do not let this stop you from having all the fun. However, to make sure that your acne does not get any worse, here are a few go-to tips you can rely on and play safe while on the beach:

The best skincare routine in hot weather | summer for acne-prone skin

If you think that just moving to the higher SPFs is the only change you need to make up in your skin care routine this summer, you might be hugely mistaken!

Summers need a completely changed skin care routine, all because of the scorching heat and high humidity levels.

Fret not! We have got your back. In this article, we will have a closer look at the best skincare routine in hot weather summer.

Acne and Traveling: Does Traveling Makes Your Acne Worse?

Life is so uncertain when you have an acne prone skin. Like, did you ever board a plane with a clear skin, and landed with a brand-new zit?

Well, yes, you are not alone! Travel acne is common and can happen to everyone, even to the diligent skincare enthusiasts.

But the good news is that you can protect this from happening and flaunt a flawless skin when you really need those top notch selfies.

But before we delve deeper and have a look at various ways to avoid travel breakouts, let’s first understand the science behind their occurrence.

The Best Natural Astringent for Acne Prone Skin

A popular way of thinking when you have acne is to scrub your skin as much as possible with products that "sting" in order to get rid of acne -Unfortunately, this is not the case. That "stinging" feeling doesn't mean that you're doing something good for your skin. Practices like this actually do more harm than good.

Summer Food and Adult Acne

Adult acne breakouts can be quite annoying during the summer. While you enjoy outdoors, barbecues and picnics you might not even notice but your favourite foods could be the reason to exasperate those pimples as some foods can do more harm than good to your body.

Acne is caused by secretion of too much oil (sebum) in the body. It can also be exasperated (amplified) by genetics, irregular menstrual cycle, stress, hot and humid weather and even by oil-based makeup. Acne can also lead to scarson the face if not taken care of properly. To avoid those unwanted pimples and potential marks and scars  use the summer foods wisely to help not to harm.

3 Golden Rules to Keep Adult Acne at Check This Summer

For many acne sufferers summer is a time of  additional pain- more breakouts, more acne marks,  more painful inflammations. comes to breakouts. The hot weather send our skin’s oil production into overdrive. Combine that with excessive sweating band additional outdoor time our usual skincare routines is not sufficient to keep skin clean of clogging and bacteria.

Sun Exposure and Acne: How to minimize the consequences?

Do you wear a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun and even use hats and umbrella as much as possible, but still not able to control increased acne breakout after sun exposure?

Well, we feel you, and you are not alone! Sun exposure can exasperate acne in number of ways. If you have acne prone skin and use wrong sunscreens containing ingredients that additionally clog your pores; if you have sun sensitivity, also known as photosensitivity and  your  sebaceous glands skin start secreting excess oils as a protection mechanism against too much UV rays, which leads to the development of acne.

Male Hormonal Acne and How it Can Be Treated

When people think of acne, they think of teenagers with inflamed pustules (red breakouts)  on their faces.

Nobody thinks of acne when it comes to adults. It is quite embarrassing as an adult to have acne all over your face especially if you’re a professional and have to meet people every day.

Most people think that men care less about their look but it’s wrong; as clear skin is very important for everyone as it truly reflects a person’s overall health.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and if it has severe acne of the face or back then it is signaling an underlying problem that must be treated immediately or else it may worsen!

Don't Pop Your Pimples, here are 2 natural spot treatment

There is a raging debate between parents, teens and often professionals around whether or not to pop your pimples. People try to catch them early, others let them develop so they are easy to get at, but you have heard it here first, popping pimples really is as bad for your skin as the experts say it is.

As our other acne based blogs have suggested acne is an inflammation of the skin and a pimple can derive from a blocked pore. With our busy daily lives these pores can become blocked ever so easily with excess sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria and often pus, I know gross right?! But seemingly overnight you wake up in the morning and see this big spot or pimple staring back at you in the mirror. Something takes a hold of us from this point onwards, almost as if the pimple is asking to be popped or squeezed and we feel compelled to listen to it.

Warning!!! Why Those 4 Things Will Cause Your Breakouts to Get Worse
There are a number of habits and health conditions that can worsen the severity of acne breakouts.  In some cases, the behaviours we think are getting rid of acne are actually making the problem worse!  This article will highlight a few of these bad habits and lifestyle factors to help you avoid them.
How Is Teen Acne Different From Adult Acne?

Most people associate acne with teenagers.  However, acne can affect people of all ages including adults in their thirties and forties.  While the pimples that appear on an adult’s face looks identical to the ones on a teenager’s, they appear for different reasons and at different times.  This guide will explain the differences between teen acne and adult acne to help you understand how they should be treated. 

9 acne fighting foods found in your salad
Salads are colorful, delicious, incredibly nutritious and of course satisfies our hunger. But, what if we told you that a simple salad could perhaps help you in your battle against acne? With a combination of vegetables and fruits, pure goodness and satisfying your skin’s hunger can be accomplished. Let’s take a closer look at what’s hiding in your salad plate!
Is Gluten Responsible For Acne

Gluten is a little bit of a buzzword these days, I am sure you have seen it on the side of food packaging and marketing materials waving the flag to ensure you know if something is gluten free. But why, what is it?! Many sources claim that gluten is safe for everybody, except perhaps people with a diagnosis of celiac disease or display similar symptoms.  But confusingly other health professionals suggest that gluten is in fact harmful for the majority of people and we should be looking out for the gluten free badges. So, where do we stand and what are the implications?!

Are all pimples acne? How do I know if mine is acne?
Most people use the terms pimples and acne interchangeably when talking about their skin breakouts.  However, having a pimple does not always mean you have acne.  There are many potential causes of pimples other than acne.  This guide will share some useful information about pimples to help you determine if you have acne.
Banish Body Acne for Good

While fighting acne breakouts on your face, it’s plain unfair when it’s also on your neck, chest, back and buttocks. But did you know that it’s harder to get rid of body acne than facial acne? Tired of buying numerous over the counter treatments that says it helps you treat body acne, but still there are no results? Read further as you learn how to treat an outbreak on your body from the comfort of your home in no time!

Spring clean your acne!

HelloSpring, and goodbye Spring acne! Spring is a season where we toss out the old to make room for the new. Your skin care regimen needs a cleansing, too! Here’s how to transition from winter to spring with fresh, fabulous skin by updating your skin-care regime with these 7 tips to start the spring season with glowing and rejuvenated skin.

How to choose the right moisturizer for acne prone skin
When you have dry skin, it is obvious to apply lotions or creams to add moisture. However, people who have acne prone skin specifically oily, assume that this application is not needed. Did you know that this is a common mistake? Moisturization is needed especially for those who use medicated creams. Excess oil and clogged pores are reasons for those acne breakouts. Not all lotions will clog your pores. Here's a helpful guide to choosing the right skin moisturizer for your acne prone skin.
Back off your Acne!

It is spring, which means less coverage and your back acne might become more visible. No one wants to expose their embarrassing back acne during sundress season. But in the middle of the heat, what can you do? It is important to know why and how acne is formed. When pores get clogged with extra sebum and dead skin cells build up, a pimple is formed. Don’t worry! Follow our tips to fight off bacne and regain your confidence in the warm sun.

How to choose the right skin cleanser in 3 easy steps
Every day your skin gets coated with all sorts of bacteria, make up, dirt, dead skin and oil that is naturally produced (sebum). If your pores are clogged with a mixture of sebum and outside pollutants, the process backs up and builds up, potentially along with bacteria. The result? Whiteheadsblackheadscystsblemishes,scars and of course acne. In order to help your skin fight these daily gunks, an effective cleansing routine with AcnEase, highlighting the cleanser is very important. Here's a helpful guide to choosing the right skin cleanser for your skin type.
7 Acne DIYs made with ingredients found in your salad recipe
Are you tired of paying steep prices for an exfoliating treatment? Have you been lost in a pharmacy aisle finding what to purchase from a diverse number of products? We can help you to improve your skin at home and give you a look like you just came out of a spa! Are you interested in knowing more, keep reading. By using natural DIY facial masks at home, you can limit the everyday bacteria, pollutants and other infections that may settle on your delicate skin. You cannot simply rely on DIYs to help fight those gunks, AcnEase is your solution of getting rid of those existing and future break outs! AcnEase®, an all botanical and clinically tested acne treatment that is safe for everyone regardless of race, background, gender, age or whatever stage in your hormonal cycle. Let us dig in!
7 Tips to not let your acne take over your Valentine’s Day

Supermarkets and stores are currently shelving delicious chocolates, breathtaking flowers, colourful diverse candy and acne? There has been a long believed acne myth which states that sugar is the cause of acne. Is this true? Should you save your skin by passing all of this goodness due this special holiday? Acne is caused by the over production of oil, irregular shedding of dead skin cells and bacteria build up within the skin. However, valentine’s candy such as chocolate is a variable that can help to trigger those pesky break outs - it is not the cause. Follow this guide of seven tips to love your skin more this Valentine’s Day with a great in combination with our specifically formulated body acne treatment with any other AcnEase treatment.

Terrible Acne During Pregnancy?
“You’re pregnant!” he exclaimed. It’s wonderful news to soon be a mother. But some moms tend to encounter skin problems. Acne is experienced by many women during their pregnancy’s first and second trimesters. Why does this happen you may ask? Blame it on the increase in hormones called androgens. The increase in androgens can cause the overproduction of sebum on the skin. This oil will clog pores leading to bacteria, inflammation and those pesky breakouts. Not only do you have to deal with the overproduction, but finding safe prescriptions and over-the-counter treatments to avoid birth defects. Do not stress! Instead, getting to the root cause of your acne and preventing it from happening will save you a lot of time and money in the end. Not to mention, since we know that the origin of acne is internal, it makes sense to treat it internally, right? AcnEase will ease your mind with tackling current and potential breakouts! Here is information about pregnancy acne that can help keep you and your unborn baby safe.